This Sunday

Information about this Sunday’s worship gathering (September 15), to help you and your family prepare for worship.

Order of Worship 

  • Call to Worship: I Will Arise (Come Ye Sinners)
  • We Sing Praise: Christ is Enough
  • We Sing Praise: Rock of Ages
  • Pastoral Prayer – Scripture Reading – the Collection
  • We Worship in Song: My Righteousness
  • Testimonies & Corporate Prayer
  • We Hear God’s Word Proclaimed – “The Necessity of Faith, Part 1” (Romans 9:30 – 10:4).
  • We Sing in Response: Grace
  • The Lord’s Supper
  • Benediction

Sermon Text: Read Romans 9:30-10:4.

Paul has been explaining and defending Israel’s failure to be included in the gospel of Jesus in terms of God’s sovereign plan and choice. But now he shifts from God’s sovereignty to human responsibility. Israel has failed because of their own unbelief. God is sovereign, and we are responsible.

Questions and Ideas to consider:

  • Were the Gentiles seeking God and his righteousness? What unexpected surprise happened? (v30)
  • Was Israel seeking to be righteous before God? What unexpected surprise happened? (v31)
  • Why did Israel fail to be saved? (v32)
  • Who is the stone that Israel stumbled over? (v33) Why is he a “rock of offense”? What about the cross offends us?
  • (10:1) Since Paul believes in God’s sovereign choice of people for salvation (Romans 9), why does he pray for Israel to be saved? Why is he doing evangelism? Aren’t those things incompatible?
  • Can you be sincere in your religion and still be rejected (10:2)?
  • Is God impressed with our good works and self-effort? (10:3)
  • What has become the focus of the new covenant age instead of the law? (10:4)


Pray for the Holy Spirit to bless the gathering of the church: open eyes and hearts to God’s word, humility before him, confession of sin, faith and repentance given! Pray for healing in people’s lives, and for the powerful presence of the living God to be experienced. Pray for God to be glorified among us.


How can you serve Christ’s body this week in the gathering? How can you help believers grow in maturity and live out of the gospel promises, beyond the gathering of the church?