2 Corinthians – A Beautiful Gospel in a Broken World

Paul’s relationship with the Corinthian church was…complicated. Frustrating, painful, emotional. And in his ministry as an apostle of Christ, he faced opposition, suffering, and severe tests. But it was the gospel of Jesus that gave Paul strength in his weakness, and all the hope and joy he needed to live the faith and not give up. And through the gospel, the Lord will give us, too, all the resources we need to live in this broken world with joyful hope, while we wait on the perfection of glory that is coming!

9 – Gospel Ministry – 2Cor2 14-17 – Cary Cox
10 – The Spirit Gives Life – 2Cor3 1-6 – Cary Cox
11 – The Glory of the Gospel – 2Cor3:7-11 – Cary Cox
12 – Was Blind but Now I See – 2Cor3 12-18 – Cary Cox
13 – Having this Ministry – 2Cor4 1-2 – Cary Cox
14 – The Enemy of the Ministry – 2Cor4 1-4 – Cary Cox