Non-Series Sermons

Non Series Sermons

This is a collection of sermons that are not part of a continuing series. They were given by our pastors, men in our church, and guest preachers over the years.

Comfort for the Broken and Afflicted – Mickey McCall – Psalm 34
The Meekness and Gentleness of Christ – Clint Pitman – Isa42 2-3
Teaching the Coming Generations – Psalm78 – Mickey McCall
What Does the Lord Require of You – Micah6 1-8 – Clint Pitman
The Exclusivity of Christ and His Mission – Matt26 36-46 – Mickey McCall
A Question for the Ages – Matt16 24-28 – Rick Bobbin
The Surprising Mercy of Jesus – Luke5 12-32 – Benton Glass
The Mission – Luke24 44-49 – Steve Davis

A Healthy Fear – Luke 12:1-12 – Mickey McCall – Feb2023