This Sunday

Information about this Sunday’s worship gathering (January 19), to help you and your family prepare for worship.

Order of Worship 

Sermon Text: Read Romans 12:3-5.

Paul shows us how the renewed mind thinks. How does a Christian think?

Questions and Ideas to consider:

  • Last week we  saw that Christians respond to the gospel by giving ourselves to the Lord, serving him in body, and being transformed by the renewal of our mind. Now Paul tells us what the renewed mind looks like.
  • What clues in verse 3 show us that Paul is still talking about the renewed mind?
  • How would you sum up verse 3? What is it teaching us about how Christians should think?
  • How is a humble mind related to the idea that God has assigned to each of us a “measure” of faith? What is this saying about how Christians think rightly?
  • What clues in verse 4-5 show us that Paul is still talking about how the renewed mind thinks?
  • What does v4-5 teach us about how a Christian thinks? What does it teach us about how to see ourselves, our identity?
  • What does it mean that the members of the church are “members one of another” (v5)? What duties and responsibilities does this imply?
  • Is participation in a local church optional for a Christian?


May the Lord be present with us as we gather in Jesus’ name! Ask the Lord to make his word powerful to the changing of hearts, minds, and lives. Pray for the Savior to save, the Healer to heal, the Deliverer to rescue, and our God and Lord to be worshiped and glorified!


How can you serve Christ’s body this week in the gathering? How can you help believers grow in maturity and live out of the gospel promises, beyond the gathering of the church?