This Sunday

Here is information about this Sunday’s worship gathering (July 15), to help you and your family prepare for worship.

Sermon Text: Read Romans 3:1-8.

Paul declares God’s Charge against all people, that we are All Under Sin. He brings evidence from the Old Testament Scriptures, incriminating all of us. From head to toe we are affected by sin, and stand condemned before the holy God.

Questions and Ideas to consider:

  • Do you understand the seriousness of our condition before God as sinners, or do you tend to gloss over it?
  • According to this passage, who is able to seek God on their own?
  • How does this passage make you feel? Angry? Humble? Ashamed?
  • Do you see your need for Christ? The kind of people described in this list is just the kind of people Jesus died to save!

Order of Worship 

  • Call to Worship: Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing
  • Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery – Link
  • My Lord I Did Not Choose You – Link
  • Prayer – Scripture Reading – the Collection
  • Behold Our God – Link
  • Holy, Holy, Holy – Link
  • Testimonies – Corporate Prayer
  • Preaching God’s Word – Romans 3:9-18
  • The Lord’s Supper
  • Benediction


Pray for the Lord to meet with us as we gather! We need the powerful presence of God! Ask him to come and glorify himself in the assembly of his people, saving, healing, correcting, cleansing, restoring, teaching. Pray for his word to be clear and powerful, fruitful and edifying, glorifying to God. Ask the Lord to give us a sense of his righteousness – that all he does is good and worthy to be praised; to humble us before him and enlarge our vision of the glorious Lord!


What can you do to serve God’s people in the gathering? What needs doing before or after? How can you help? Who can you encourage?