This Sunday

Here is information about this Sunday’s worship gathering (January 20), to help you and your family prepare for worship.

Order of Worship 

Sermon Text: Read Romans 7:13-25.

We look again at Paul’s famous and vivid description of the struggle of human nature against sin.

Questions and Ideas to consider:

  • Though there are many competing views about this passage, what is Paul’s main point in the context?
  • What is Paul saying about the human condition itself in this passage? What lessons do we need to learn about ourselves as we approach God?
  • What is the difference between God’s law and the human condition (v14)?
  • What is the problem? What is Paul saying that is true about humanity in our current, fallenness? Where does the enemy reside (v17, 20)? When can believers expect that problem to be completely taken away?
  • Paul describes two responses to this frustrating problem (v24 and 25). Describe these two responses, and how God uses them to bring us to himself.
  • Given the depth of the problem of the human condition, what conclusions can we draw about trying to approach God through keeping the law? What is the answer? (This is Paul’s point)


Pray for the Holy Spirit to speak to us through God’s word, bringing life, victory, hope, encouragement, and healing in Jesus Christ! Pray for God to save sinners, and to build his church, for his glory!


What can you do to serve God’s people in the gathering? What needs doing before or after? How can you help? Who can you encourage?