This Sunday

Information about this Sunday’s worship gathering (November 24), to help you and your family prepare for worship.

Order of Worship 

  • Call to Worship: Indescribable
  • We Sing Praise: Behold Our God
  • We Sing Praise: How Great Thou Art
  • Pastoral Prayer – Scripture Reading – the Collection
  • We Worship in Song: Give Thanks
  • We Worship in Song: Great Are You Lord
  • Testimonies & Corporate Prayer
  • We Hear God’s Word Proclaimed – “To Him Be Glory Forever” (Romans 11:33-36).
  • We Sing in Response: You Are Worthy of it All/How Great is Our God
  • The Lord’s Supper
  • Benediction

Sermon Text: Read Romans 11:33-36.

Paul closes his teaching on the theology of the gospel (Romans 1-11) and the place of Israel and Gentiles (Romans 9-11) with a beautiful outburst of praise to God!

Questions and Ideas to consider:

  • Read Paul’s “outburst” of praise (Rom 11:33-36). What is the overall “feel” of the text? How does it affect you to read it and consider it?
  • Simply put, what is Paul doing in this passage?
  • What is Paul’s praise responding to, both in the immediate context (chapters 9-11), and the larger context (chapters 1-11)?
  • Consider carefully Paul’s worship in these verses. How would you describe it? Is what he says shallow or deep, theologically? How does this compare to the church’s vocalized praise overall (especially consider some popular songs of praise, which says nothing much more than, “I love you, I praise you, I can’t live without you” type expressions). How does Paul’s praise compare to your own? What can we learn about the content of our praise from Paul’s example?
  • What is the focus of Paul’s praise, God or himself? Descriptions and truths about God, or the way God makes Paul feel? What God has done, or what Paul wants to do for God? Again, what can we learn about the focus of our praise?
  • Paul has been reflecting on the gospel of Jesus, and on specific truths about God, such as his sovereignty, his mercy, his wise plan for the world, his mighty power, etc. This is what caused his song of praise. Do we reflect on truth adequately to prepare to worship God properly? Do we meditate on truth and respond in praise to God that is filled with awe? If our worship is weak, what does that suggest about our theology, or our application of our theology? Is God ever not worthy of glorious praise?
  • When you gather with your local church to praise God, what attitude do you bring? Do you need a lot of help from those leading the gathering, to focus on God and truth, to make you ready to worship? Or do you come with a heart that is already looking to God and ready to praise?
  • How can you help your local church praise God with the kind of awe and wonder Paul demonstrates for us? Do you pray for the gatherings of worship? Do you prepare yourself? Can you help “wake up” others in the gatherings to the glory of God in an appropriate way (such as with discussions with others before church that focus on God, Christ, and the gospel)?
  • Paul quotes the Bible in his praise outburst (vs 34-35). What does this suggest about the relationship between truth and spirit, or theology and worship?
  • According to Paul’s example for us here, does the Bible or doctrine and theology stifle true worship, or does it help it?


Please pray with us that the Lord will prepare our hearts to truly worship him in spirit and in truth! Pray that he would graciously give us glimpses of himself, and that we would respond with awe-filled worship. Pray for the Spirit of God to capture hearts and minds, save sinners, encourage and build up his church, and glorify God!


How can you serve Christ’s body this week in the gathering? How can you help believers grow in maturity and live out of the gospel promises, beyond the gathering of the church?