This Sunday

Information about this Sunday’s worship gathering (March 24), to help you and your family prepare for worship.

Order of Worship 

Sermon Text: Read Romans 8:12-14.

Last week we saw from this passage that the Holy Spirit always leads Christians to kill sin in our lives, and to pursue Christlikeness. How do we do this?

Questions and Ideas to consider:

  • How important is waging war against sin, according to this passage? Can a Christian ignore this duty and let sin go? How does this passage instruct those who say they and God have peace with their sin?
  • From the verses that come before our passage, do you see any clues to how we can fight sin by the Spirit?
  • This passage helps us see God’s attitude towards sin (see v6, 8, 13). What, then, should our attitude be toward the sin in our lives?
  • Take it further than our attitude: what should our immediate action be towards temptation and sin in our lives? (For a list of examples of sins to kill, see Galatians 5:19-21 or Colossians 3:5-10)
  • What “aides” has the Lord given us to pursue holiness and crush sin? How does the Spirit work through these aides? Are you making use of them?
  • How did Jesus fight temptation?


Let’s pray for God to meet with us in a powerful and God-glorifying way in Sunday’s gathering. Pray for the Holy Spirit to show us our sin and lead us to repentance! Pray for this church family to be a people who are led by the Spirit, pursuing Christlikeness, and putting to death the sins in our lives.


How would the Spirit use you in building up the church this Sunday? Ask the Spirit of God to lead you, fill you, and use you in the encouraging of others.