This Sunday

Information about this Sunday’s worship gathering (September 22), to help you and your family prepare for worship.

Order of Worship 

  • Call to Worship: Nothing But the Blood of Jesus
  • We Sing Praise: I Will Glory in My Redeemer
  • We Sing Praise: In Christ Alone
  • Pastoral Prayer – Scripture Reading – the Collection
  • We Worship in Song: All I Have is Christ
  • We Worship in Song: Not in Me
  • Testimonies & Corporate Prayer
  • We Hear God’s Word Proclaimed – “Two Approaches to God” (Romans 10:5-13).
  • We Sing in Response: O Fount of Love
  • The Lord’s Supper
  • Benediction

Sermon Text: Read Romans 10:5-13.

Paul explains Israel’s failure to obtain God’s saving righteousness in their rejection of Christ and the gospel. He contrasts two different approaches to God and his salvation.

Questions and Ideas to consider:

  • The law is good, but how did Israel go wrong with it? (see 9:31-32; 10:3)
  • What is the focus of one who is approaching God for righteousness through works of the law? (verse 5)
  • What does approaching God by faith NOT have to do/say (v6-7)? Why not?
  • In verse 8, what word does Paul quote to describe God’s righteousness through faith in the gospel? How is this good news?
  • What does faith look like, practically (v9-10)?
  • Why are confession with the mouth and believing with the heart both important? Is it ok to have just one of these?
  • What does someone have to confess to be saved? (v9) What does this confession mean, or imply?
  • What words describe what the approach of faith obtains (v9-11)? Where does faith lead?
  • Who can approach God through faith? (v12-13)
  • Describe, in your own words, based on today’s passage, the difference between approaching God through law and approaching him through faith.


We will be looking at core truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ together this Sunday, so let’s pray for the Holy Spirit to bless and anoint the gospel preaching! Pray for illumination of the heart and mind, repentance of sin, understanding and reception of the gospel message, and fruit! Ask God to minister to everyone who comes, for his glory and our good.


How can you serve Christ’s body this week in the gathering? How can you help believers grow in maturity and live out of the gospel promises, beyond the gathering of the church?