This Sunday

Here is information about this Sunday’s worship gathering (November 11), to help you and your family prepare for worship.

Sermon Text: Read Romans 6:1-4.

Paul explains how the gospel affects us and gives us hope in this present life: Christians are united with Christ, share in his death, burial, and resurrection, and enjoy victory over the power of sin!

Questions and Ideas to consider:

  • Do you normally think of salvation’s benefits as being for the future (going to heaven) or for the present?
  • Does the gospel bring forgiveness of sins, or victory over the power of sin? Which one do you normally think of?
  • Does the Bible clearly answer the question of whether Christians can live in sin or not?
  • Why does Paul bring up baptism in this passage? Is that his focus in Romans, or even in this passage? What is he talking about?
  • If we are saved by God’s free, abounding grace, does it really matter how we live? Why or why not?
  • How do you approach sin as a believer? What is the secret of victory and freedom, according to Romans (and this passage)?

Order of Worship 


Pray for the Lord to break the power and chains of sin in our lives as his word is proclaimed and his Spirit moves! Pray for the anointing of the Holy Spirit on the gathering of the church, the preaching of the word, and the ministry of the body. Ask the Lord to build us up as his holy people in Christ, bringing real change, healing, deliverance, and the reign of grace in our lives, marriages, families, and congregation – all for his glory!


What can you do to serve God’s people in the gathering? What needs doing before or after? How can you help? Who can you encourage?