Sermons are grouped together by series. Click on a link below (or above on the ‘Sermon Audio’ tab) to access the sermons from each series. You can also subscribe to our free podcast (search iTunes for The Church at Meadowlake).

The Book of Genesis

The Epistle of Jude – Keep the Faith

2 Corinthians – A Beautiful Gospel in a Broken World

Psalms – I Will Call on the Lord

Nahum – The Fierce Anger of God

Jonah and the Uncontrollable God

Romans – The Glorious Gospel of Christ

2 and 3 John – Truth in Love

Joshua – Take the Land

Christ Our Life – Colossians, Philemon and Hebrews

King and Kingdom (First Samuel and Matthew)

Philippians: Gospel Life (together)

Judges: Heroes & Villains

Ephesians: The Glory of Christ in the Church

Exodus: God Rescues His People

Titus: Order in the Church!

Selected Psalms

Ruth: God’s Hidden, Glorious Plan

Non-Series Sermons


Vision of the Church


Haggai: Back to Building

Acts: The Witness of the Spirit-Empowered Church


Gospel of John: That You May Believe

Can We Trust the Bible?

Marriage and Family


Attributes of God

A Biblical Church




James – Live Out the Faith

People Who Met Jesus

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