Fight for the Faith – Jude Study 2

Cary Cox, from Jude 3-4. Jude writes to the church, charging us to fight for the faith, which is the set of teachings handed down from Jesus to the church, through the apostles in the Scriptures. The faith does not change, though wicked men creep into the church and attempt to do so, twisting God’s word to allow for sin. But God will judge the wicked.

Fight for the Faith – Jude3-4 – Cary Cox

Christians Can’t Live in Sin – Romans Study 28

Cary Cox, from Romans 6:1-4. Paul stops to deal with misunderstandings of the gospel of grace. Genuine believers cannot live a lifestyle of sin, because we have been united with Christ at conversion. False Christians keep on sinning, but real Christians keep on repenting.