The Struggle is Real Part 1 – Romans Study 36

Cary Cox, from Romans 7:13-25. An overview of the most controversial passage in Romans. There are different views, but all agree that the Christian life involves struggle. Christians are not immune from pain, suffering, temptation, and difficulty. But ultimate salvation and present encouragement are found in Jesus Christ!


Christians and the Law Part 2 – Romans Study 35

Cary Cox, from Romans 7:7-13. God’s Law is good and holy, but sin works through the commands to provoke our rebel hearts and make our sin problem even worse! Therefore, the law can never save us. We need Jesus!

The New Way of the Spirit – Romans Study 34

Cary Cox, from Romans 7:6. We explore what the internal life of faith in the Spirit looks like in real life. Pulling the weeds from the garden of our souls. Setting our thoughts and affections on Christ. Fighting the fight of faith!

Christians and the Law Part 1 – Romans Study 33

Cary Cox, from Romans 7:1-6. Paul explains how the gospel can teach that Christians are not under the law, without living as lawbreakers and sinners. We are joined to Christ, like a kind of marriage union, and obey God in the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Two Paths – Romans Study 32

Cary Cox, from Romans 6:19-23. In Romans 6, Paul lays out 2 (and only 2) paths of living. One is the path of sin that leads to death and destruction. The other path is the way of faith-fueled holiness, through Jesus Christ, which leads to eternal life. You can’t walk the path of sin and end in heaven. It matters how we live.

Serve Sin or Serve God – Romans Study 31

Cary Cox, from Romans 6:15-19. Paul deals with the objection that, since we are not under the law (v14), we can sin with no consequences. He shows that if we give ourselves to sin, we are slaves to sin. This road leads to death. Since believers are free in Christ, we must live that truth by serving God and his word.

Go Be Who God Says You Are – Romans Study 30

Cary Cox, from Romans 6:12-14. The gospel tells us who we are in Christ, and then calls us to go act on that belief. Christians have real power to resist sin and to serve God in Christ!

United with Christ – Romans Study 29

Cary Cox, from Romans 6:5-11. We look at the doctrine of union with Christ – we are in him, and share the results of his death and resurrection! There is power and freedom and victory over sin and death for those who are in Christ!

Christians Can’t Live in Sin – Romans Study 28

Cary Cox, from Romans 6:1-4. Paul stops to deal with misunderstandings of the gospel of grace. Genuine believers cannot live a lifestyle of sin, because we have been united with Christ at conversion. False Christians keep on sinning, but real Christians keep on repenting.

The Reign of Grace – Romans Study 27

Cary Cox, from Romans 5:12-21. What Adam brought to us affects us daily in a real and powerful way. We experience the effects of sin and death in our lives, and we cannot free ourselves from this evil master. But Christ has undone what Adam did, and those in Christ are under the reign of grace! The gospel makes a difference in our lives, now and forever!

In Adam or In Christ – Romans Study 26

Cary Cox, from Romans 5:12-21. Dig in to Paul’s deep theology, and discover how we can live with joyful hope, even though Adam brought sin and death to all men! Christ has overcome!

The Super-Abounding Grace of God – Romans Study 25

Cary Cox, from Romans 5:12-21. Why do all people inevitably sin? And why do all people die? Paul answers these questions by unpacking the Fall of man – what happened to us when Adam sinned. And then he shows us the infinitely greater impact of the grace of God in Jesus Christ!

The Reconciling Love of God – Romans Study 24

Cary Cox, from Romans 5:6-11. A look at the love of God, shown at the cross! What is God’s love? How can we know we are loved? How can we enter into the enjoyment of the love of God?

Reasons for Joyful Hope – Romans Study 23

Cary Cox, from Romans 5:1-5. Paul unpacks several benefits of being justified by faith, giving us sufficient reasons for living with joyful hope!

Unwavering Faith in God – Romans Study 22

Cary Cox, from Romans 4:17-25. Paul describes what justifying faith looks like, using vivid imagery from the life of Abraham. We look at what saving faith is, and what it is not.

Trusting Not Trying – Romans Study 21

Cary Cox, from Romans 4:13-17. Paul explains the difference between trying to earn God’s blessing by our efforts, and simply trusting God to do what he has promised. Faith looks away from self and believes the Lord!

The Heir of the World – Romans Study 20

Cary Cox, from Romans 4:9-13. Who are the people of God, the descendants of Abraham? Who will inherit the glorious inheritance promised by God to Abraham’s offspring? It is the multi-ethnic church of Jesus Christ; all who have faith in Jesus, whether Jew or Gentile!

Counted Righteous by Faith – Romans Study 19

Cary Cox, from Romans 4:1-8. Paul shows that Old Testament saints were justified by faith, not by their works. Abraham and David experienced the grace of God and were counted righteous by faith.

The Glory of God in Salvation – Romans Study 18

Cary Cox, from Romans 3:27-31. Salvation is all about the glory of God. He rescues his people for the sake of his great name! Justification comes to us by faith in Christ, not by our works, so that no one will be able to boast before God, and so that he alone will be glorified.

The Vindication of God – Romans Study 17

Cary Cox, from Romans 3:25-26. The cross is a statement about the character of God, showing that he is not soft on sin. After passing over sins before the cross, forgiving people all over the Old Testament, it could be asked how God could be so patient and forgiving, and still be a just God. The cross answers that objection once and for all, vindicating the honor of the justice of God. God forgives sinners because Christ paid for sins at the cross!

The Wrath Remover – Romans Study 16

Cary Cox, from Romans 3:25. Paul looks at God’s salvation through the lens of propitiation. God, in his love, acted to satisfy his wrath against the sins of his people, through the cross of Jesus Christ!

The Redemption that is in Christ – Romans Study 15

Cary Cox, from Romans 3:24. We are studying what Robert Mounce called the most important theological segment of the New Testament. In just 6 verses, Paul sets a gospel feast before us! In this sermon we focus on the concepts of justification and redemption. What does it mean to be redeemed through Jesus Christ?

The Gift of Righteousness – Romans Study 14

Cary Cox, from Romans 3:21-24a. The great problem with mankind is our lack of righteousness before God, and the resulting wrath. But Paul now transitions to the good news – the solution God has provided in Christ. God’s saving righteousness is on display in the gospel, and he credits sinners with the righteousness of Christ by grace, through faith.

The Whole World Accountable to God – Romans Study 13

Cary Cox, from Romans 3:19-20. There is nothing we can say to clear our guilt before God. There is nothing we can do to rescue ourselves from his righteous wrath and judgment. There is only Christ! The gospel removes every false hope until only Christ remains. Hope in him!

All Under Sin – Romans Study 12

Cary Cox, from Romans 3:9-18. Paul explains God’s legal charge against all people: we are under sin. He brings out the evidence against us, humbling us before God. We are in need of the gracious salvation God has provided for us in Jesus Christ!

God on Trial – Romans Study 11

Cary Cox, from Romans 3:1-8. Paul continues to answer objections and destroy excuses. He is showing that all the world is guilty before God; there are no loopholes, no flaws in God, no way out. God is righteous! We must humble before him and come to him through Jesus Christ.

The Just Judgment of God Part 4 – Romans Study 10

Cary Cox, from Romans 2:12-29. Paul removes all excuses from Jews and Gentiles. He kicks away everything we might trust in to protect us from the wrath of God, to show us how great is our need for Jesus Christ!

The Just Judgment of God Part 3 – Romans Study 9

Cary Cox, from Romans 2:6-11. God will judge all people according to our works – what we have done, and what we seek in life. We will give an account for the outward things, and for our hearts. Christ is our only hope!

The Just Judgment of God Part 2 – Romans Study 8

Cary Cox, from Romans 2:1-5. Paul turns from the “wicked” sinners to the “good” sinners; from the unrighteous heathens to the self-righteous hypocrites. All are under sin, and face the just judgment of God. The Lord is good to restrain his wrath from us in kindness, giving us time to repent. Jesus took the judgment of God upon himself for us on the cross.

The Just Judgment of God Part 1 – Romans Study 7

Cary Cox, from Romans 1:24-32. Man rejects the true worship of God. God judges this by giving man over to their sinful desires, including unnatural sexual sins. Unnatural worship leads to unnatural sin. But hope is found in Christ!

Repentance Gratified in God – Jacob Bentley

Jacob Bentley discusses true, God-glorifying repentance. It produces the fruit of holiness and sanctification in a church. From 2 Corinthians 7:2-13.

The Righteous Wrath of God – Romans Study 6

Cary Cox, from Romans 1:18-23. Why do we need to be saved? Because God is righteous and we are rebels against him! The first major section of Romans deals with the wrath of God. We tend to avoid this subject today, but it is absolutely essential to understanding the gospel of Christ. What is God’s wrath, and how can we be saved from it?

The Powerful Gospel of God – Romans Study 5

Cary Cox, from Romans 1:15-17. Why is Paul unashamed of a gospel that sounds foolish to the world? Because the preaching of the gospel is the method God has chosen to powerfully save sinners!

Set Apart to Serve – Romans Study 4

Cary Cox, from Romans 1:8-15. What does it look like to be God’s special, set-apart people? Paul demonstrates in this passage 7 marks of being set apart from the world to God and his gospel. These 7 things describe lives devoted to loving and serving God and his people.

Set Apart for the Gospel Part 3 – Romans Study 3

Cary Cox, from Romans 1:1-7. All Christians are separated out of the world by the powerful, saving call of God, and set apart as his precious, holy people. We respond by treasuring him and living for his glory.

Set Apart for the Gospel Part 2 – Romans Study 2

Cary Cox, from Romans 1:1-5. The gospel of God is focused on his Son, Jesus Christ; it contains theological truths about Jesus, namely his coming in the flesh to experience humiliation and exaltation. The mission of the gospel sends the church out to make disciples of all nations, for the glory of the name of Jesus!

Set Apart for the Gospel Part 1 – Romans Study 1

Cary Cox, from Romans 1:1-3a. The author and subject of the book of Romans. Paul was “set apart” for the gospel – called by God out of the world and devoted to the Lord – and so are all who believe the gospel!

Grace to the Humble – James 4

Alex Davis, from James 4:1-10.  A Christian who gives himself to friendship with the world spits in the face of God’s gracious gift of Christ! James calls believers to repent of worldliness and humbly submit to God.

A Letter to the Exiles – Jeremiah 29

Steve Davis, from Jeremiah 29:1-14. God sent a word to his people who were in exile, through Jeremiah the prophet. God had not given up on them, even though he was disciplining them for their sins. He was unfolding a good plan for them, but it would include suffering. Consider the sovereignty of God and his great love for his people!

We Will Rise Again

Cary Cox, from 1 Corinthians 15. Jesus rose from the dead, and our future hope is tied with his resurrection. We who believe will rise again in glorified bodies to serve the Lord forever in the new heaven and new earth!

Examples of Truth in Love – 3 John

Cary Cox, from 3 John. John gives us examples of what it looks like in real life to walk in truth and love. Are we known among the brothers and sisters for walking in truth and love?

Continue in Truth and Love – 2 John 7-13

Cary Cox, from 2 John 7-13. Does it really matter what we believe? John answers that question fervently, calling the church to hold to the truths given to us by Christ and the apostles. We are forbidden from being innovators with the gospel; we can’t change it or try to improve it. We must hold to it in love!

Know the Truth Love the Church – 2 John 1-6

Cary Cox, from 2 John 1-6. God calls his church to be people devoted to truth and love. They go together! Everyone who has been born again will love the people of God. God won’t quit working in us, and with his power, we can walk in both truth and love!

Trained by Grace – Mickey McCall

Mickey McCall, from Titus 2:11-14. Believing the gospel affects the way we live. God’s grace in Christ trains us to renounce sin and grow in godliness. Works are evidence of faith.

Proclaiming the Excellencies of Christ – 1 Peter 2

Zach Bennett, from 1 Peter 2:1-10. Awesome truths set before our eyes: the beautiful glory of Jesus Christ, the truth that in him believers are the chosen and precious people of God, and the call to live in light of his glory!

Respond to the Grace of God – Joshua Study 19

Cary Cox, from Joshua 24. Joshua gives his final words to Israel before he dies. He reminds them of the great grace of God, who has chosen them and acted on their behalf. And he calls them to respond to God’s grace with whole-hearted worship and obedience to God.

Cling to the Lord – Joshua Study 18

Cary Cox, from Joshua 23. In his farewell address to Israel’s leaders, Joshua called them to cut off competing allegiances, and cling to the Lord in love. The marriage relationship is an illustration of this clinging to one another – joined inseparably in love. May we throw off idols, and cling to the Lord!

Just One Altar – Joshua Study 17

Cary Cox, from Joshua 22. Trouble (and almost war!) breaks out among the Israelites when 2 1/2 tribes build another altar. There can be only one altar, at the tabernacle, where sacrifices for sin are offered and the people of God gather together around his presence. Looking ahead to Jesus, Christ and his cross is our altar, the only way to approach God.

Refuge and Rest – Joshua Study 16

Cary Cox, from Joshua 20 and 21. God appointed cities of refuge as safety zones for those on the run. Christ is our refuge, protecting us from God’s judgment. Christ is our rest, our portion, and our inheritance! Consider the beautiful salvation we have in him from these two chapters of Scripture.