The Substance and the Shadows – Christ Our Life 12

Cary Cox, from Colossians 2:16-23. Paul blasts the empty legalism and mystical experiences of the false teachers in Colossae. They are pressuring the believers and judging them as inferior, but Paul exposes their Christ-less teachings and calls the church to continue to hold to Christ.

Kingdom41 – Christ is the Fulfillment of the Law – Mat5 17-20

Pastor Cary Cox from Matthew 5:17-20. Christ wants us to know that he did NOT come to abolish the Old Testament but to FULFILL it. Every word of it points to him, and he is the final interpreter of it. All of the Old Testament must pass through the ‘filter’ of Jesus to see how it now applies to his disciples. Jesus expects his followers to obey God and walk in practical righteousness.