Live Out the Faith – Hebrews Study 24

Cary Cox, from Hebrews 10:19-25. The theology of Hebrews must be lived out in real life! We are called to draw near to God in worship, hold to the confession of our hope, and commit ourselves to faithfulness in the church.

The Sacrifice of Christ – Hebrews Study 22

Cary Cox, from Hebrews 10:1-10. The entire worship system of the law amounted to shadows pointing to Jesus Christ. Jesus came in a body to do the will of God: laying that body down for us as the final and effective sacrifice for sin!

Greater Worship – Hebrews Study 20

Cary Cox from Hebrews 9:1-14. The worship approach to God we have in the new covenant in Christ is better than the system of approach in the old covenant. Christ has secured our redemption forever! Through him we approach God and worship him acceptably!