Hope in the Sovereign God

Cary Cox, from Genesis 37. The story of Joseph shows us that God is sovereign over all things, without exception. And this means that our hope is always secure, without exception! The sins of Joseph’s brothers and the sufferings of Joseph could not stop the sovereign plan of God, but could only serve that plan. God works in his chosen, fallen, broken family to rescue Israel from starvation – and ultimately bring salvation from sin through Jesus Christ!

Trusting in Kings and Empty Things

Cary Cox, from 1 Samuel 12. Israel demands a king, rejecting God as their king. Samuel responds, calling them out. Anything or anyone we trust in besides the Lord is “empty” – it cannot save or satisfy! God is sovereign over world history, nations, kings, and choices. Our help and our trust is in the Lord!

The Necessity of Faith – Romans Study 63

Cary Cox, from Romans 9:30-10:4. Paul has been focusing on God’s sovereignty in salvation, but now he shifts to the necessity of human faith. We must believe the gospel! Israel failed because of God’s plan (from God’s perspective – Romans 9). But Israel also failed because they rejected God’s free gift of righteousness through faith in Jesus, seeking to establish their own righteousness through works of the law (from the human perspective – Romans 10).