Faith Escapes the Judgment of God – Hebrews Study 31

Cary Cox, from Hebrews 11:28-31. In this passage, we see God pouring out fierce wrath on his enemies, and rescuing his people in tender mercy. By faith we escape the judgment of God.

Faith Fears and Treasures God – Hebrews Study 30

Cary Cox, from Hebrews 11:23-27. Moses gave up the pleasures and treasures of royalty in Egypt – to suffer with God’s enslaved people!!! How?! Why??!! He did it “by faith.” He had seen truth. He had found a greater Treasure! Have you? This amazing passage shows us that faith fears God and treasures God.


The Nature of Faith – Hebrews Study 26

Cary Cox, from Hebrews 11:1-7. The author of Hebrews has called his hearers to endure in faith until the end. So, what is faith? We look at the nature of biblical, saving faith.