Kingdom82 – Money and Treasure – Kingdom Values – Mat19 16-30

Cary Cox, from Matthew 19:16-30. Jesus challenges our concept of our own goodness, and reveals the impossibility of being saved apart from a miracle of God’s grace. He calls us to abandon lesser treasures and come follow him. Christ is the great and all-satisfying Treasure!

Kingdom68 – The Hidden Worth of the Kingdom of God – Mat13 44-46

Cary Cox, from Matthew 13:44-46. Through two short parables Jesus teaches that the Kingdom of God is the great Treasure, though its infinite worth is hidden from many. In our sin we treasure other, lesser, things. But when God opens our eyes to the exceeding beauty and glory of Christ and his Kingdom, we are forever captivated! Have you seen the Treasure?

Kingdom47 – Captivated by the Kingdom of Heaven – Mat6 19-24

Pastor Cary Cox, from Matthew 6:19-24. The Kingdom of God captivates us (arrests, captures, holds our attention) and becomes our great Treasure! When repentance comes we are never the same. Jesus becomes our all-satisfying Delight, and the things of this world lose their grip on our souls.