The Lord Has Come

Cary Cox, from Luke 2:6-20. We close our December series, Jesus is Born, by focusing on the deity of Jesus Christ. This baby born in the manger is not only fully man, he is fully God! In the passages of Scripture known as the Christmas Story, the Bible teaches that Jesus is the Lord, he is the holy Son of God, and he is God with us! Let us bow to the Lordship of Jesus!

The Preeminence of Christ Part 2 – Christ Our Life 5

Cary Cox, from Colossians 1:18-19. Jesus is not only Lord of all creation; he is also supreme over the new creation: the church, the resurrection and our future life with him, forever! God has exalted Christ to the highest place. He is preeminent over all. But are we treating him as supreme in our hearts and homes?