Kingdom73 – Lord of the Gentiles – Mat15 21-39

Cary Cox, from Matthew 15:21-39. In 3 snapshots, Matthew gives us glimpses of Jesus ministering among Gentiles! This looks ahead to the Gentiles being swept into the kingdom of God through the gospel, through humble, persistent faith in Christ. Jesus is not only the Messiah for the Jews, but also the Savior of the world! There is now one, multi-ethnic people of God in Christ.

Kingdom34 – Out of Egypt I Called My Son – Mat 2

Pastor Cary Cox, from Matthew 2:13-15.

Matthew quotes a verse about Israel, saying it is fulfilled in Christ. He also arranges his story about Jesus’ early life and ministry to show that Jesus retraced the history of Israel. Where they failed, he triumphed. Jesus is the new Israel, and the true people of God are those who are in Christ!