If the Lord Wills – James Study 21

Cary Cox, from James 4:13-17. Does our speech show that we honor and glorify God, and submit to his rule? James condemns speaking as if we know what tomorrow holds, or in a way that does not honor and glorify God.

The Gospel Changes How We Speak Part 2 – James Study 15

Cary Cox, from James 3:7-12. James emphasizes the extreme wickedness and inappropriateness of using our speech against people, who are made in the image of God. Our language reveals the condition of our heart and the genuineness of our faith.

The Gospel Changes How We Speak Part 1 – James Study 14

Cary Cox, from James 3:1-6. Our speech reflects our heart. Our words are evidence of our faith. James warns us of the sins of the tongue, beginning with church leadership. May we repent of speech-sins, and bring our tongues under control, for the glory of God!