God of All Nations

Cary Cox, from Genesis 10 (Genesis Study 24). The table of nations shows us how the three sons of Noah grew to become all the nations of the world. God is sovereign over the nations, and he has a heart for the nations – to save people from all nations through the Messiah who comes from Shem, through Abraham, and through Israel. Trace the family line and see Jesus, the hope of the nations!

God of All Nations – Gen10 – Cary Cox

Another Fall

Cary Cox, from Genesis 9:18-29 (Genesis Study 23). An awkward and embarrassing text that powerfully points us to Christ, and helps explain the entire trajectory of the story of the Bible! In Noah’s sin we have a second fall of man, and another curse and blessing pronounced. This passage is a map that identifies the seed of the Serpent, and the location of the blessing of God!

Another Fall – Gen9 18-29 – Cary Cox

An Effective Sacrifice

Cary Cox, from Genesis 8:20-22 (Genesis Study 21). Noah’s sacrifice after he got off the ark moved God’s heart. What was it about animal sacrifices that were effective? It was never the animals that took away sin. God forgave – and still forgives – sin only and always on the basis of the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross!

An Effective Sacrifice – Gen8 20-22 – Cary Cox