What Shall We Say, Part 2 – Romans Study 54

Cary Cox, from Romans 8:33-34. How does the gospel minister to our guilty conscience? How can we speak peace to our souls when we feel the weight of sin? Paul shows us how to encourage ourselves in the gospel of Christ!

No Condemnation in Christ Part 1 – Romans Study 38

Cary Cox, from Romans 8:1-4. An overview of this passage, and an answer to the question, “What is ‘No Condemnation?'” See how glorious this good news really is!


The Super-Abounding Grace of God – Romans Study 25

Cary Cox, from Romans 5:12-21. Why do all people inevitably sin? And why do all people die? Paul answers these questions by unpacking the Fall of man – what happened to us when Adam sinned. And then he shows us the infinitely greater impact of the grace of God in Jesus Christ!

The Heir of the World – Romans Study 20

Cary Cox, from Romans 4:9-13. Who are the people of God, the descendants of Abraham? Who will inherit the glorious inheritance promised by God to Abraham’s offspring? It is the multi-ethnic church of Jesus Christ; all who have faith in Jesus, whether Jew or Gentile!

Counted Righteous by Faith – Romans Study 19

Cary Cox, from Romans 4:1-8. Paul shows that Old Testament saints were justified by faith, not by their works. Abraham and David experienced the grace of God and were counted righteous by faith.

The Vindication of God – Romans Study 17

Cary Cox, from Romans 3:25-26. The cross is a statement about the character of God, showing that he is not soft on sin. After passing over sins before the cross, forgiving people all over the Old Testament, it could be asked how God could be so patient and forgiving, and still be a just God. The cross answers that objection once and for all, vindicating the honor of the justice of God. God forgives sinners because Christ paid for sins at the cross!

The Wrath Remover – Romans Study 16

Cary Cox, from Romans 3:25. Paul looks at God’s salvation through the lens of propitiation. God, in his love, acted to satisfy his wrath against the sins of his people, through the cross of Jesus Christ!

The Redemption that is in Christ – Romans Study 15

Cary Cox, from Romans 3:24. We are studying what Robert Mounce called the most important theological segment of the New Testament. In just 6 verses, Paul sets a gospel feast before us! In this sermon we focus on the concepts of justification and redemption. What does it mean to be redeemed through Jesus Christ?

The Gift of Righteousness – Romans Study 14

Cary Cox, from Romans 3:21-24a. The great problem with mankind is our lack of righteousness before God, and the resulting wrath. But Paul now transitions to the good news – the solution God has provided in Christ. God’s saving righteousness is on display in the gospel, and he credits sinners with the righteousness of Christ by grace, through faith.

The Just Judgment of God Part 4 – Romans Study 10

Cary Cox, from Romans 2:12-29. Paul removes all excuses from Jews and Gentiles. He kicks away everything we might trust in to protect us from the wrath of God, to show us how great is our need for Jesus Christ!

The Just Judgment of God Part 3 – Romans Study 9

Cary Cox, from Romans 2:6-11. God will judge all people according to our works – what we have done, and what we seek in life. We will give an account for the outward things, and for our hearts. Christ is our only hope!

The Just Judgment of God Part 2 – Romans Study 8

Cary Cox, from Romans 2:1-5. Paul turns from the “wicked” sinners to the “good” sinners; from the unrighteous heathens to the self-righteous hypocrites. All are under sin, and face the just judgment of God. The Lord is good to restrain his wrath from us in kindness, giving us time to repent. Jesus took the judgment of God upon himself for us on the cross.

The Just Judgment of God Part 1 – Romans Study 7

Cary Cox, from Romans 1:24-32. Man rejects the true worship of God. God judges this by giving man over to their sinful desires, including unnatural sexual sins. Unnatural worship leads to unnatural sin. But hope is found in Christ!

Set Apart for the Gospel Part 3 – Romans Study 3

Cary Cox, from Romans 1:1-7. All Christians are separated out of the world by the powerful, saving call of God, and set apart as his precious, holy people. We respond by treasuring him and living for his glory.