Set Apart for the Gospel Part 1 – Romans Study 1

Cary Cox, from Romans 1:1-3a. The author and subject of the book of Romans. Paul was “set apart” for the gospel – called by God out of the world and devoted to the Lord – and so are all who believe the gospel!

We Will Rise Again

Cary Cox, from 1 Corinthians 15. Jesus rose from the dead, and our future hope is tied with his resurrection. We who believe will rise again in glorified bodies to serve the Lord forever in the new heaven and new earth!

Trained by Grace – Mickey McCall

Mickey McCall, from Titus 2:11-14. Believing the gospel affects the way we live. God’s grace in Christ trains us to renounce sin and grow in godliness. Works are evidence of faith.

Kingdom101 – The King is Dead – Mat27 26-54

Cary Cox, from Matthew 27:26-54. Jesus Christ is mocked, beaten and crucified. Stand in awe at the foot of the cross!