Husbands and Wives – Genesis Study 10

Cary Cox, from Genesis 2:24-25. At the end of Genesis chapter 2, the Lord gives a lasting decree for all humanity about marriage. The New Testament writers quote this important text to teach husbands and wives about marriage, and to show how marriage points to the great love of God for his people in Christ!

Husbands and Wives – Gen2 24-25 – Cary Cox

Marriage and Community – Genesis Study 9

Cary Cox, from Genesis 2:18-25. God creates the woman and brings her to the man. We are designed for community, relationships, fellowship. Here in just the second chapter of the Bible we have the institution of marriage for all peoples, in all places, for all time. We look at God’s good gift of physical intimacy in marriage, as well as the limitations he has placed on sex.

Marriage and Community – Gen2 18-25 – Cary Cox