God Over the Grave Part 2 – Jonah Study 5

Cary Cox, from Jonah 2:1-9. Jonah prays to God from the belly of the fish. He praises the greatness of God in his salvation, his sovereignty, and his steadfast love!

God Over the Grave Part 1 – Jonah Study 4

Cary Cox, from Jonah 1:17 and 2:10. Why was Jonah swallowed by the fish? What really happened, and what was the purpose? See how Jesus interpreted this story, and how it points us to his death and resurrection. The God of the storm is also God over the grave!

Kingdom74 – Jesus the Tireless Teacher – Mat16 1-12

Cary Cox, from Matthew 16:1-12. Another glimpse of Jesus. He is tired and worn, suffering rejection from Israel. Yet he patiently teaches and warns and lovingly rebukes his disciples. He won’t quit on his people till he brings us to maturity!

Kingdom65 – Jesus Rejected and Received – Mat12 38-50

Cary Cox, from Matthew 12:38-50. Jesus continues to rebuke the leaders of Israel who are rejecting him and his ministry. They demand a sign and he points to his death and resurrection. Not all reject Jesus, however! Some receive him and become part of his true family – the church!