The Focus of the Ministry Part 2 – 2 Cor Study 16

Cary Cox, from 2 Corinthians 4:1-6. What is true Christian ministry? God acts in a powerful and miraculous way to shine light on our hearts through the preaching of the gospel, so that we see his glory in the face of Jesus Christ!

16 – The Focus of the Ministry Part 2 – 2Cor4 1-6 – Cary Cox

God of Repentance Part 2 – Jonah Study 7

Cary Cox, from Jonah 3:10. God not only requires repentance, he also grants repentance! Repentance is the gracious gift of God, as taught throughout Scripture. It was always God’s will to bring Nineveh to their knees before him, through the powerful working of his word.