Who We Are – Dominion – Genesis Study 6

Cary Cox, from Genesis 1:26-28. God made us in his image and gave us dominion over all the earth. We were meant to rule under God, as stewards and managers, imitating his creativity, bringing beauty and blessing and order out of chaos around us. When we fell in sin this dominion was corrupted – we either abuse it or abandon it. But Jesus came as a Man to restore what was lost. Jesus overcame sin, death, and the grave, and has all authority and dominion. In Christ, we will reign!

Who We Are – Dominion – Gen1 26-28 – Cary Cox

Our Glory Restored in Christ – Hebrews Study 5

Cary Cox, from Hebrews 2:5-9. Mankind was created for glory – to rule over God’s creation in his image. But because of our fall into sin, this is not our present experience. We are a mere shell of our former glory, ruled by addictions and sin and death. But Christ stepped into our humanity and destroyed death through his death and resurrection! He restores us to God’s purpose and we will reign in him!