Nicodemus Meets Jesus – People Who Met Jesus #3

Cary Cox, from John 3:1-18. It’s not just “great sinners” who need Jesus. Nicodemus learned that even religious, “good” people need to be born again and put their faith in Jesus Christ.

The Spiritual Mindset Part 2 – Romans Study 43

Cary Cox, from Romans 8:5-9. Christians have the Holy Spirit within, and therefore exhibit signs of spiritual life. Unbelievers do not have the Spirit, and therefore show signs of spiritual death. What are the signs in your heart and lifestyle saying?


In Adam or In Christ – Romans Study 26

Cary Cox, from Romans 5:12-21. Dig in to Paul’s deep theology, and discover how we can live with joyful hope, even though Adam brought sin and death to all men! Christ has overcome!