The Image of God – Psalm 8

Cary Cox, from Psalm 8. David praises God for his glory in creation, and supremely in his design for mankind – setting man over all God made! We were created in the image of God, for his glory, to rule as kings over creation. This was broken in our fall into sin, but is being restored in Jesus Christ, the perfect Man!

Psalm 8 – The Image of God – Cary Cox

Was Blind But Now I See – 2 Cor Study 12

Cary Cox, from 2 Corinthians 3:12-18. Paul compares the veiled glory of the old covenant with the unveiled glory of God seen in the gospel, the new covenant in Jesus Christ. We are transformed by the Spirit of God as we look at his glory with God-opened eyes!

Was Blind But Now I See – 2Cor3 12-18 – Cary Cox