A New Beginning

Cary Cox, from Genesis 9:1-17 (Genesis Study 22). After Noah gets off the ark, God gives him the ‘house rules for Creation 2.0,’ what life will look like after the Flood. He is the God of new beginnings. The Lord also establishes a covenant with creation, giving precious promises! Creation and Covenant point to Jesus Christ! In Jesus, we relate to God in a new covenant while we wait on the new creation that is coming!

A New Beginning – Gen9 1-17 – Cary Cox

And He Died

Cary Cox, from Genesis 5 (Genesis Study 16). The genealogy of Adam through Seth shows us that Adam and Eve’s sin passed down to their children, along with the consequences of death and the curse. In Adam all die. And yet, this passage also gives us glimpses of great hope! Because of the work of Christ, who came through this family line, death is not the ultimate end for those who walk with God!

And He Died – Gen5 – Cary Cox

Who We Are Part1 – Genesis Study 4

Cary Cox, from Genesis 1:26-31. The very first chapter in the Bible tells us who we are as humans. The Bible is the great “Owners’ Manual” from our Creator, and it defines us, explains us, and records our purpose. God created us in his own image and likeness. What does this mean?

Who We Are Part1 – Gen1 26-31 – Cary Cox

The Image of God – Psalm 8

Cary Cox, from Psalm 8. David praises God for his glory in creation, and supremely in his design for mankind – setting man over all God made! We were created in the image of God, for his glory, to rule as kings over creation. This was broken in our fall into sin, but is being restored in Jesus Christ, the perfect Man!

Psalm 8 – The Image of God – Cary Cox