The Preeminence of Christ Part 4 – Christ Our Life 7

Cary Cox, from Colossians 1:21-23. Christ not only died to restore the entire broken universe, he died to reconcile his people to God through his death on the cross! Paul warns the Colossians to continue in the faith. Christ is enough, and his people must cling to the gospel until the end!

Kingdom92 – Tribulation, Abomination and Consummation – Mat24 15-36

Cary Cox, from Matthew 24:15-36. We continue our study of the Olivet Discourse. The entire age between Jesus’ first coming and his return is an age of tribulation for the church. The gospel is advancing, but the church must endure great waves of suffering. Jesus speaks of the abomination of desolation and his glorious return.

Kingdom91 – Endure to the End! – Olivet Discourse Pt1 – Mat24 1-14

Cary Cox, from Matthew 24:1-14. Jesus’ Olivet Discourse has baffled interpreters throughout church history! We look at the main views before diving into the first 14 verses, where Jesus calls his church in every age to endure to the end through both tribulations and victories. Stay calm in faith, endure to the end and advance the gospel!