Kingdom92 – Tribulation, Abomination and Consummation – Mat24 15-36

Cary Cox, from Matthew 24:15-36. We continue our study of the Olivet Discourse. The entire age between Jesus’ first coming and his return is an age of tribulation for the church. The gospel is advancing, but the church must endure great waves of suffering. Jesus speaks of the abomination of desolation and his glorious return.

Kingdom89 – Trick Questions – Mat22 15-46

Cary Cox, from Matthew 22:15-46. Having been blasted by Jesus for their unbelief, the Pharisees and other religious leaders of Israel plot to trap him in his words through a series of trick questions. See the heart of man that naturally resists Christ; but see the glory and wisdom of Jesus shining in his words! See the glory of the God-Man!

Kingdom88 – Judgment on Fruitless Israel Pt2 – Mat22 1-14

Cary Cox, from Matthew 22:1-14. In the parable of the wedding feast Jesus continues his pronouncement of judgment from God on unbelieving and fruitless Israel. He also continues to speak of a new people of God who will enter the kingdom, the Jew/Gentile church! Finally, even the church is warned: we must come to God the proper way, on his terms! We must come repenting of sin, believing on Christ and producing the fruit of obedience and righteousness.