Kingdom67 – Parables of the Unexpected Kingdom – Mat13 24-43

Cary Cox from Matthew 13:24-43. We see the persistent disciples coming to Jesus for explanation of truth while the crowds walk away confused. God is giving light to his people. Jesus teaches about the kingdom of heaven: it will start small and look insignificant, but grow steadily until the glory of God covers the earth! God will let the wicked continue to live on earth with the righteous until the end of the age – the harvest – when separation and judgment comes. These truths were surprising to Jesus’ hearers, but encourage his disciples to endure to the end. Glory is coming!

Kingdom66 – Parable of the Sower – Reactions to the Kingdom – Mat13 1-23

Cary Cox, from Matthew 13:1-23. Jesus begins his teaching in parables, both revealing and concealing truth according to God’s plan.  Many look promising at first, but do not endure to the end or produce fruit. Which soil are you?