Doers of the Word – James Study 7

Cary Cox, from James 1:22-25. Although hearing God’s word is of utmost importance, it matters how we hear! It is possible to hear without obeying, which is false religion and completely worthless. James calls us to hear and do God’s word. Biblical, saving faith always goes on to obedience/works. But what does this look like in the regular life of the church?


Doers of the Word – James 1:22-25 – Cary Cox

Kingdom66 – Parable of the Sower – Reactions to the Kingdom – Mat13 1-23

Cary Cox, from Matthew 13:1-23. Jesus begins his teaching in parables, both revealing and concealing truth according to God’s plan.  Many look promising at first, but do not endure to the end or produce fruit. Which soil are you?