The Nature of Saving Faith (Works) – James Study 11

Cary Cox, from James 2:14-17. James is teaching us what true, saving faith looks like. Real faith always shows itself genuine by overflowing into works of obedience. A self-professed, so-called faith, without works, is dead.

Kingdom90 – Hypocrites Snakes and Sons of Hell – Mat23

Cary Cox, from Matthew 23. In his final public words to the nation of Israel, Jesus blasts the wicked and unbelieving religious leaders in a series of seven “woes.” His words are strong and shocking as he rails against their hypocrisy, and calls his church to be a humble and genuine people of faith. Jesus walks away from the temple after pronouncing the coming judgment of God against the nation.

Kingdom72 – The Lord of Worship – Mat15 1-20

Cary Cox from Matthew 15:1-20. Jesus authoritatively rebukes and instructs on which worship is empty and which is acceptable to God. Our problem is not unwashed hands, but a defiled heart! We look at hypocrisy, traditions of men and true worship.