Kingdom90 – Hypocrites Snakes and Sons of Hell – Mat23

Cary Cox, from Matthew 23. In his final public words to the nation of Israel, Jesus blasts the wicked and unbelieving religious leaders in a series of seven “woes.” His words are strong and shocking as he rails against their hypocrisy, and calls his church to be a humble and genuine people of faith. Jesus walks away from the temple after pronouncing the coming judgment of God against the nation.

Kingdom72 – The Lord of Worship – Mat15 1-20

Cary Cox from Matthew 15:1-20. Jesus authoritatively rebukes and instructs on which worship is empty and which is acceptable to God. Our problem is not unwashed hands, but a defiled heart! We look at hypocrisy, traditions of men and true worship.

Kingdom63 – Jesus Points Israel to Himself – Mat12 1-14

Pastor Cary Cox from Matthew 12:1-14. In a showdown with the Pharisees, Jesus points them to himself as the one who is lord of the Sabbath, greater than David and the temple, and the authoritative interpreter of the Law! All of Israel’s worship is fulfilled in Christ!