Kingdom78 – The Beautiful and Difficult Life of Faith – Mat17 14-27

Cary Cox, from Matthew 17:14-27. Followers of Jesus can expect both glories and heartaches, joy and suffering, victory and failure in this beautiful and difficult life of faith. The kingdom of God has come, and innumerable glories are ours! Yet our experience is incomplete as we await the fullness of the kingdom at Christ’s return. We are, therefore, both satisfied in Christ and unsatisfied as we yearn for the glory that is coming.

King and Kingdom26 – Driven Away From Worship – 1Sam26-27

Pastor Cary Cox, from 1 Samuel 26-27. David’s season of suffering and sanctification continues. David expresses his great despair at the thought of being driven away from Israel, the place of the public worship and presence of God! The kingdom of God beats with a heart of worship for the King. David’s zeal for the house of God is seen and perfected in Christ.

King and Kingdom21 – How Do You Respond to God’s Anointed – 1Sam18-19

Pastor Cary Cox from 1 Samuel 18-19. Now that David has been thrust onto the public scene by his victory over Goliath, everyone must respond to him. In this text we see two very clear and contrasted responses to God’s Plan and God’s Man. Jonathan is willing to humble himself and love God’s Anointed, at great cost to himself. On the other hand, Saul knows that David is God’s choice, yet he stubbornly fights against God to preserve his own kingdom. How will WE respond to God’s Anointed?

King and Kingdom18 – The Fall of Saul Part 3 – 1Sam15

Pastor Cary Cox, from 1 Samuel 15. Saul disobeys the command of God and is rejected as king. In his sin, we see ourselves and our need for Christ. We also take a look at God’s holy war in the Old Testament: how can God command the destruction of people?