Faith is Tested – Hebrews Study 29

Cary Cox, from Hebrews 11:17-22. God tests our faith by leading his people through difficult situations and suffering, not to destroy us, but to teach us to trust him. We look at the test of sacrifice and the test of time. May the Lord give us biblical faith in Christ that endures to the end!

Kingdom78 – The Beautiful and Difficult Life of Faith – Mat17 14-27

Cary Cox, from Matthew 17:14-27. Followers of Jesus can expect both glories and heartaches, joy and suffering, victory and failure in this beautiful and difficult life of faith. The kingdom of God has come, and innumerable glories are ours! Yet our experience is incomplete as we await the fullness of the kingdom at Christ’s return. We are, therefore, both satisfied in Christ and unsatisfied as we yearn for the glory that is coming.

Kingdom70 – Who is Jesus Pt1 – Mat14 1-21

Cary Cox from Matthew 14:1-21. Herod misunderstands who Jesus is, but his true identity is being revealed to his disciples. Jesus is the Messiah, gathering to himself a new kingdom people! See him as the Bread from heaven, who gives us life by offering his flesh for us on the cross! See him giving up his vacation time to minister in compassion to hurting people!

Kingdom37 – Christ Our Victory – Matt 4 1-11

Pastor Cary Cox, from Matthew 4:1-11.

In the temptations of Jesus Christ we see Christ passing the tests that Israel failed in the wilderness. He is the true Israel and the Last Adam, who has won the victory for his people! Our hope is in Christ.