Our Trust and Our Treasure

Cary Cox, from Genesis 14 (Genesis Study 30). Lot’s foolishness gets him in trouble, but Abram comes to the rescue. However, the real battle for Abraham is a test of spiritual discernment in his meeting of two kings. Melchizedek speaks God’s word to Abram, which helps him see through the temptation from the wicked king of Sodom. Our trust must be anchored in the Lord. Our treasure is in him alone!

Our Trust and Our Treasure – Gen14 – Cary Cox

Freefall Part 1

Cary Cox, from Genesis 6:1-8 (Genesis Study 17). In the days before the Flood, mankind collapsed into a freefall of sexual sin and violence. God’s boundaries were crossed. Demonic influence prevailed. Sin increased. Until God brought judgment. God’s wrath comes on the sin of man, but there is rescue through his grace!

Freefall Pt 1 – Gen6 1-8 – Cary Cox

There is an Enemy – Genesis Study 11

Cary Cox, from Genesis 3:1-6. Suddenly, there is a serpent in the garden, speaking with the woman about God’s word! He leads her astray, and his point of attack is the word of God. We have an enemy. But we also have a Savior, who has defeated the enemy at the cross! With trust in Christ, let us stand firm on the word of God!

There is an Enemy – Gen3 1-6 – Cary Cox

The Danger of False Teachers – 2Cor Study 40

Cary Cox, from 2 Corinthians 11:1-4. We are bombarded with dangerous false teaching all the time, whether we realize it or not. The enemy attacks us in the realm of thoughts, ideas, arguments, beliefs. Paul warns us about false Jesuses being presented, false spirits, and false gospels. We must know the truth and cling to Christ!

Paul Goes to War – 2Cor Study 38

Cary Cox, from 2 Corinthians 10:1-11. Paul shows us what real spiritual warfare is all about. He is tearing down the strongholds of bad ideas, which produce bad behavior, using the weapon of truth! Our battlefield is in the realm of ideas. God’s people must oppose demonic teachings by clinging to the gospel of Jesus Christ!