The Theology of No Condemnation – Romans Study 40

Cary Cox, from Romans 8:1-4. We have studied what ‘no condemnation’ is and where it is found. Now in verse 3 we see HOW God achieved this salvation for us. We see the theology, or doctrines, that explain how God accomplished no condemnation.

Set Apart for the Gospel Part 2 – Romans Study 2

Cary Cox, from Romans 1:1-5. The gospel of God is focused on his Son, Jesus Christ; it contains theological truths about Jesus, namely his coming in the flesh to experience humiliation and exaltation. The mission of the gospel sends the church out to make disciples of all nations, for the glory of the name of Jesus!

Jesus Became Just Like Us – Hebrews Study 6

Cary Cox, from Hebrews 2:10-18. While Hebrews chapter 1 teaches that Jesus is superior to angels and fully God, chapter 2 is just as adamant that Jesus became lower than angels and is fully man. This passage boldly describes the incarnation of Jesus – he became just like us, to rescue his brothers and sisters!