Freefall Part 2

Cary Cox, from Genesis 6:1-8 (Genesis Study 18). In part 1, we focused on man’s increasing sinfulness in the days before the flood (Gen 6:1-4). Now, we look at the response of God to man’s sin in verses 5-8. God’s word in this passage takes us to the very heart of God, and reveals him to us as the God of great wrath against sin, and also the God of surprising grace!

Freefall Pt2 – Gen6 1-8 – Cary Cox

Gospel Glory – Romans Study 100

Cary Cox, from Romans 16:25-27. Paul ends the book of Romans with a doxology of praise and glory to God for the gospel! In it, we see six aspects of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Zacchaeus Meets Jesus – People Who Met Jesus #2

Cary Cox, from Luke 19:1-10. This series highlights people in the gospels who met Jesus and experienced transformation. Zacchaeus is changed from greedy to generous; from a sinner to a saint. His idol was crushed in the presence and grace of Jesus Christ!