The Focus of the Ministry Part 1 – 2 Cor Study 15

Cary Cox, from 2 Corinthians 4:1-5. Paul continues to describe true Christian ministry to us, as he defends his own ministry to the Corinthians. Preaching is at the heart of Christian ministry. We proclaim God’s word, which culminates in the gospel of Christ. Paul tells us what we do not preach, and what we do.

The Focus of the Ministry Part 1 – 2Cor4 1-5 – Cary Cox

Gospel Glory – Romans Study 100

Cary Cox, from Romans 16:25-27. Paul ends the book of Romans with a doxology of praise and glory to God for the gospel! In it, we see six aspects of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Faith Comes From Hearing – Romans Study 65

Cary Cox, from Romans 10:14-17. Paul explains the necessity of hearing the gospel of Christ to be saved. It is through the method of preaching the gospel that God works to awaken faith. We must respond to the word by believing it. Do you understand the great importance of continually gathering with the church to hear God’s word proclaimed?