Is it Unfair for God to Choose? – Romans Study 59

Cary Cox, from Romans 9:14-18. Paul answers objections to his teaching that God sovereignly chooses some and rejects others. Is it unfair for God to choose? What does God himself say about it? We look at the free and grace of God, who gives justice to some, mercy to some, and injustice to no one.

Proclaiming the Excellencies of Christ – 1 Peter 2

Zach Bennett, from 1 Peter 2:1-10. Awesome truths set before our eyes: the beautiful glory of Jesus Christ, the truth that in him believers are the chosen and precious people of God, and the call to live in light of his glory!

Respond to the Grace of God – Joshua Study 19

Cary Cox, from Joshua 24. Joshua gives his final words to Israel before he dies. He reminds them of the great grace of God, who has chosen them and acted on their behalf. And he calls them to respond to God’s grace with whole-hearted worship and obedience to God.