Respond to the Grace of God – Joshua Study 19

Cary Cox, from Joshua 24. Joshua gives his final words to Israel before he dies. He reminds them of the great grace of God, who has chosen them and acted on their behalf. And he calls them to respond to God’s grace with whole-hearted worship and obedience to God.

Cling to the Lord – Joshua Study 18

Cary Cox, from Joshua 23. In his farewell address to Israel’s leaders, Joshua called them to cut off competing allegiances, and cling to the Lord in love. The marriage relationship is an illustration of this clinging to one another – joined inseparably in love. May we throw off idols, and cling to the Lord!

Just One Altar – Joshua Study 17

Cary Cox, from Joshua 22. Trouble (and almost war!) breaks out among the Israelites when 2 1/2 tribes build another altar. There can be only one altar, at the tabernacle, where sacrifices for sin are offered and the people of God gather together around his presence. Looking ahead to Jesus, Christ and his cross is our altar, the only way to approach God.

Refuge and Rest – Joshua Study 16

Cary Cox, from Joshua 20 and 21. God appointed cities of refuge as safety zones for those on the run. Christ is our refuge, protecting us from God’s judgment. Christ is our rest, our portion, and our inheritance! Consider the beautiful salvation we have in him from these two chapters of Scripture.

The Inheritance Part 2 – Joshua Study 15

Cary Cox, from Joshua 13-19. God gives the land to Israel, but they must take it by faith. They must believe God’s promise, trust God’s character, and respond with faith-filled effort. God gives by grace, and we must receive through faith.

The Inheritance Part 1 – Joshua Study 14

Cary Cox, from Joshua 13-19. The land-inheritance God gave to Israel reveals his character: He is good, generous and faithful to his promises. In Christ, God’s church also looks forward to a gracious inheritance! One day, in resurrection bodies, our feet will step on the new heavens and new earth, where we will enjoy the Lord forever!

The Lord Fought for Israel – Joshua Study 12

Cary Cox, from Joshua 10. See the God who fights for his people! See his miraculous victory, as he judges his enemies and gives his people the land! Look ahead to Christ, who fights for his people and gives us the victory through faith in him!

When God Intervenes – Joshua Study 11

Cary Cox, from Joshua chapter 9. Israel fails. They are tricked into making a peace treaty with the Gibeonites, instead of wiping them out! Yet God steps in with unexpected mercy! He is the God who intervenes and turns failures and messes into beautiful things for his glory and our good!

The Most Important Thing – Joshua Study 10

Cary Cox, from Joshua 8:30-35. Israel renews their covenant with Yahweh. In this ceremony we get a glimpse of what is most important for Israel…and for us. Their identity flows out of their relationship to God. They are to be worshipers at heart, with their lives centered around the word of God. Their children must learn what is most important. For us today, we understand that Christ is to have first place in our lives, and in his church.

God at War – Joshua Study 9

Cary Cox, from Joshua 8:1-29. In this passage we see God sending Israel to take the city of Ai. We see the holy God who has declared war on sin.  When we give ourselves to sin, we are aligning ourselves with something God has promised to destroy. But God has provided a rescue from sin and judgment through Jesus Christ! God will eradicate all evil from his universe, conquer his enemies, rescue his people, and reign forever!

No Pretenders – Joshua Study 8

Cary Cox, Joshua 7. The story of Achan shows us that God is serious about sin among his people. Our sin promises satisfaction, but only deceives us, affects others, and ultimately destroys. There can be no pretenders among God’s people. Christ bore our sin, and satisfies us eternally!

God of Justice and Mercy – Joshua Study 7

Cary Cox, from Joshua 5:13-6:27. In the battle of Jericho God reveals himself as the God of both fierce judgment and glorious salvation. We examine what the Bible says about the conquest of the land: God’s justice to destroy the people of Canaan, and his great mercy on his people in Christ!

Getting Right With God – Joshua Study 6

Cary Cox, from Joshua 5:1-12. Just when we think Israel is ready to attack – to take the land – God presses the pause button and makes them wait. There is some unfinished business for God’s people; they must get their house in order before they can represent God in the land. It is time to get right with God! Gospel-focused victory for God’s people!!

Into the Land – Joshua Study 5

Cary Cox, from Joshua 3 and 4. The great day has come! After centuries of waiting, God brought Israel across the Jordan River, and their feet touched the soil of the promised land! God did not bring them out of Egypt to give up on them. He brought them out to bring them in. And he will not quit on us, either. Let us remember the great salvation of the Lord!

Surprising Kindness – The Story of Rahab – Joshua Study 4

Cary Cox, from Joshua 2. See the amazing, surprising kindness of God in the beautiful and gripping story of Rahab the prostitute. Come to Christ for mercy, and safety in the midst of God’s judgment!

Responding to God – Joshua Study 3

Cary Cox, from Joshua 1:10-18. God has spoken, and we must respond. We must believe his promises and obey his commands. Yet, sin hinders our right response. Christ removes the stain of sin and gives us power to respond to God, and to help our brothers and sisters in the fight of faith.

God’s Promise and Command – Joshua Study 2

Cary Cox, from Joshua 1:1-9. God speaks tenderly to Joshua and his people. He gives them great promises to believe, and great commands to obey. Be encouraged as you consider the presence of God with his people! Build your life around God’s word!