No Excuses Before God – Romans Study 66

Cary Cox, from Romans 10:18-21. Paul makes his case that Israel is to blame for their willing rejection of Christ and the gospel. Using the Scripture as evidence, he shows that they were given every opportunity to believe the gospel, while God showed patient, tender mercy.

The Freedom of the Potter – Romans Study 60

Cary Cox, from Romans 9:19-21. We are concerned about our rights, but Scripture upholds the right of God as Creator to rule over all his creation according to his own will and pleasure. He is the Potter, and we are the clay. We discuss the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man.

The Inheritance Part 2 – Joshua Study 15

Cary Cox, from Joshua 13-19. God gives the land to Israel, but they must take it by faith. They must believe God’s promise, trust God’s character, and respond with faith-filled effort. God gives by grace, and we must receive through faith.