God of Mercy and Judgment

Cary Cox, from Genesis 18 (Genesis Study 37). God appears to Abraham and they share a covenant meal. The Lord brings two announcements: An announcement of promise concerning Sarah, which displays his great and wonderful mercy! And an announcement of judgment for Sodom, which displays his great wrath and justice! God is, at the same time, the glorious God of mercy and judgment! Both his mercy and wrath are displayed at the cross in Christ, who rescues us from judgment and brings us into the enjoyment of God’s mercy!

The Angel of the LORD

Cary Cox, from Genesis 16:7 (Genesis Study 35). Who is the angel of the LORD? He appears in Genesis 16, and we meet him all over the Old Testament. He is both a messenger sent from God, and he is also God. How can this be? And how does this prepare us to understand the coming of Jesus in the New Testament – the Word who became flesh, who was with God and who was God?