God of Mercy and Judgment

Cary Cox, from Genesis 18 (Genesis Study 37). God appears to Abraham and they share a covenant meal. The Lord brings two announcements: An announcement of promise concerning Sarah, which displays his great and wonderful mercy! And an announcement of judgment for Sodom, which displays his great wrath and justice! God is, at the same time, the glorious God of mercy and judgment! Both his mercy and wrath are displayed at the cross in Christ, who rescues us from judgment and brings us into the enjoyment of God’s mercy!

The Meekness and Gentleness of Christ

Clint Pitman, from Isaiah 42:2-3. Clint focuses our attention on the kindness of Jesus towards believers who are struggling. Jesus’ character, as prophesied in Isaiah, is different from rulers of this age. He does not seek the celebrity and fame of this world. He does not beat his people down, but lifts us up. And he brings justice in the way he treats people, in his punishment of the wicked, and in his atonement of his people! (The audio cuts off the end of the message)

The Meekness and Gentleness of Christ – Clint Pitman – Isa42 2-3

Motivated by the Judgment – 2Cor Study 22

Cary Cox, from 2 Corinthians 5:9-11. Paul is motivated for present ministry by the truth of the future judgment! We must all stand before the judgment seat of Christ.

Motivated by the Judgment – 2Cor5 9-11 – Cary Cox

I Am Against You – Nahum Study 2

Cary Cox, from Nahum 2:1-13. Nahum vividly describes the coming defeat of Nineveh, according to the word of the Lord. God declares that he is “against” them. Who is God against? Who is he for?

God on Trial – Romans Study 11

Cary Cox, from Romans 3:1-8. Paul continues to answer objections and destroy excuses. He is showing that all the world is guilty before God; there are no loopholes, no flaws in God, no way out. God is righteous! We must humble before him and come to him through Jesus Christ.

It Was the Lord’s Doing – Joshua Study 13

Cary Cox, from Joshua 11 and 12. As the war to take the land comes to a close, God wants everyone to know that the defeat of the Canaanites has been his doing. God hardens the hearts of the wicked in order to show his justice in them. And God is faithful to his people, always keeping his promises. Come and see the glory and majesty of the Lord!