Kingdom84 – To Serve and to Give – Mat20 17-34

Cary Cox, from Matthew 20:17-34. To Serve and to give! Jesus said this is why he came. He is on the way to Jerusalem, looking to the cross. But the disciples are still looking toward personal gain and glory. Jesus again calls them (and us) to humility and self-denial in his kingdom. Just as Christ himself came to serve and to give his life for many! He is both our Ransom and our Example.

We Will Give Ourselves Continually

Pastor Cary Cox from Acts 6:4. A call to joyful commitment to Christ and his people. No matter what discouragement or opposition may come, by God’s grace we will give ourselves continually! We look at the devotion of the leaders of the church, and to the devotion of the church body. May the Lord fan into flame the gift of God that is in us, that we may respond to his love and grace by giving our all!