Kingdom84 – To Serve and to Give – Mat20 17-34

Cary Cox, from Matthew 20:17-34. To Serve and to give! Jesus said this is why he came. He is on the way to Jerusalem, looking to the cross. But the disciples are still looking toward personal gain and glory. Jesus again calls them (and us) to humility and self-denial in his kingdom. Just as Christ himself came to serve and to give his life for many! He is both our Ransom and our Example.

Kingdom76 – The Christ and the Cross – Mat16 21-28

Cary Cox from Matthew 16:21-28. Now that the disciples have confessed Jesus as the Messiah, Jesus points them clearly to his mission: the cross. The concept of a suffering Messiah is unthinkable to them, but Jesus speaks not only of his cross, but theirs and ours! Embracing God’s will by denying self is what it means to live as a disciple of Jesus.