Jesus Our High Priest Part 2 – Hebrews Study 12

Cary Cox, from Hebrews 5:1-10. Encouraging truth about Jesus, who meets the qualifications to serve as our high priest and bring us to God. Jesus represents his people before the Father in tender love and mercy.

Kingdom100 – The King Condemned to Die – Mat27 1-26

Cary Cox, from Matthew 27:1-26. See Jesus standing in the place of sinners. The innocent One taking the guilt and condemnation of the world! See true repentance and faith (Peter) contrasted with false repentance that does not save (Judas).

Kingdom84 – To Serve and to Give – Mat20 17-34

Cary Cox, from Matthew 20:17-34. To Serve and to give! Jesus said this is why he came. He is on the way to Jerusalem, looking to the cross. But the disciples are still looking toward personal gain and glory. Jesus again calls them (and us) to humility and self-denial in his kingdom. Just as Christ himself came to serve and to give his life for many! He is both our Ransom and our Example.