Kingdom85 – The Entrance of the King – Mat21 1-17

Cary Cox, from Matthew 21:1-17. See Jesus present himself to Israel as their promised Messiah-King, riding humbly into Jerusalem on a donkey! See him strike at the heart of their faithless worship as he cleanses the temple and makes a statement of the coming judgment of God on unbelieving Israel! Here is our King!


Kingdom75 – You Are the Christ – Mat16 13-20

Cary Cox from Matthew 16:13-20. Matthew’s gospel has built to this great moment: Peter confesses Jesus as the Christ, and Jesus declares that he will build his church. What role will Peter and the apostles play? What about us?

Kingdom70 – Who is Jesus Pt1 – Mat14 1-21

Cary Cox from Matthew 14:1-21. Herod misunderstands who Jesus is, but his true identity is being revealed to his disciples. Jesus is the Messiah, gathering to himself a new kingdom people! See him as the Bread from heaven, who gives us life by offering his flesh for us on the cross! See him giving up his vacation time to minister in compassion to hurting people!