The Sovereign Mercy of God – Romans Study 72

Cary Cox, from Romans 11:28-32. Paul sums up all his teaching from chapters 9-11 on Israel and the Gentiles. God’s people have hope only because of the sovereign choice of God, and his faithfulness to his promise! The glory of God’s mercy will be seen forever – both his mercy to Jews and also to Gentiles – in Christ!


Unwavering Faith in God – Romans Study 22

Cary Cox, from Romans 4:17-25. Paul describes what justifying faith looks like, using vivid imagery from the life of Abraham. We look at what saving faith is, and what it is not.

Moses is Dead but God is Not – Joshua Study 1

Cary Cox, from Joshua 1:1-2. In our introduction to the book of Joshua we see that, although the mighty Moses has died, God is still alive, in charge and ready to give his people the promised land! Sin, death and loss does not stop God from unfolding his plan and working out his purpose in his people, for his glory.