The Unchanging God – Mickey McCall

Mickey McCall, from Malachi 3:6. In our changing world, God is the Rock who does not change. All of his attributes are also immutable. But our response to the unchanging God is that we must change! We must be changed by the unchanging God.

Run the Race – Hebrews Study 33

Cary Cox, from Hebrews 12:1-3. God calls his people to throw away everything that slows us down, and turn from sin which strangles us, so that we may run this race of faith with all our hearts! With Christ before our eyes, encouraging us, we endure to the end!

Kingdom60 – The Requirement of Repentance – Mat11 20-24

Pastor Cary Cox from Matthew 11:20-24. In this short passage we see that repentance is not optional, but is required by Jesus as the response to his gospel. What is repentance and how do we know we have repented?

Kingdom35 – Prepare for the Kingdom – Matt3

Pastor Cary Cox, from Matthew 3:1-12.

Imagine a time when no one had heard of Jesus Christ! Suddenly, after 400 years of silence from God, a man in the desert begins to shout about repentance. God’s kingdom is breaking into this world! We look at the link between God’s kingdom and his judgment of sinners. Repent!